• Steve Anderson

Chautauqua West Embraces Chautauqua’s Commitment to Environment

Two mature, successful San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneurs devoted to engaging technology to cure the earth’s sick environment, inspired the minds of Chautauqua West members on the group’s fifth anniversary, held in the bucolic setting of Jean Phleger’s home deep in the forest of Woodside, California on Saturday, April 29.

These talks were not entrepreneurial dreams. Both are real and in operation today.

Our guest speakers were Richard Hannum, architect, environmentalist, technology entrepreneur and Wayne VanDyke, investment banker, environmentalist, technology entrepreneur.

Mr Hannum’s technology company, Macrosound Technologies, headquartered in San Francisco (www.marcrosound.com) has a water purification technology based on hydrodynamic cavitation the removes pathogens, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, suspended solids and gases from contaminated water.

Mr. VanDyke’s company, rePower Capital, headquartered in Sausalito (www.repowercapital.com) is an Internet, online transaction “engine” that has automated renewable energy project financing to significantly increase the change to renewable energy globally. It does what investment bankers do, but 2x faster and up to 10x more efficiently.

Chautauqua Institution’s Strategic Plan 2010-2018 included an objective. “We will embrace future opportunities to achieve environmental excellence.”

Chautauqua West is an “off season” group of San Francisco Bay Area residents who attend Chautauqua Institution during its nine week cultural/education/experiential season held on its Western New York State grounds.

In keeping with its primary objective of enhancing and broadening the influence of Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua West three yearly events are based on the interests of its “colleagues.” (1) Current topics addressing upcoming CHQ Season Topics. (2) Authors of recently published books. (3) Environmental issues.

In the last two years, speakers have included: James Strock, California’s first Secretary of Environment and author of several books on leadership as executed by Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and most recently a book entitled, “Disrupt Politics” and Susan Goldberg, Editor of National Geographic.

October is the next meeting month. Date and speaker to be announced.

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CHQ West, while not affiliated with Chautauqua Institution, is an informal group of individuals who proudly proclaim their affinity with the mission and vision of Chautauqua Institution. We host programming and activities of interest to Chautauquans who reside in the San Francisco Bay area.


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