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San Jose Spotlight - Quality, Balanced, Local City Reporting

San Jose is a news desert. Our local news landscape continues to shrink at a time when journalism is under attack across the country. Our community needs another voice, an alternative source for high-quality, independent local news.

Introducing San Jose Spotlight, the city’s first nonprofit news organization dedicated to political and business reporting. We're a group of dedicated journalists and San Jose natives who grew up here, worked here, lived here and care about giving back to our community.

Nonprofit journalism is a first for San Jose -- a city at the heart of innovation and technology-fueled wealth. This model will fill the gap left by a shrinking news industry by providing an innovative and sustainable model for delivering reliable news to the Silicon Valley region.

Lean more about us by visiting our Facebook page. Website: www.sanjosespotlight.com. Contact us at josh@sanjosespotlight.com; ramona@sanjosespotlight.com.

Hear Ramona and Josh speak about San Jose Spotlight from our gathering on January 19 followed by a Q&A!

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